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Business Card Etiquette In Singapore

Posted on 19 April, 2018
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limoreservationssoftware.com -Business Card Etiquette In Singapore BUSINESS ETIQUETTE IN SINGAPORE. A business card is extended at almost every first meeting. The polite standard is to proffer the business card with both hands, with the letters oriented towards the receiver. Accepting a business card is also done with both hands as a sign of respect. When receiving the business card,

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Business etiquette in singapore: what you need to know .... Handshakes. This is the most common business greeting in Singapore. A gentle squeeze lasting 10 to 12 seconds is ideal. While Westerners tend to read a lot into a handshake, for Singaporeans ‘pressing the flesh' is considered merely a friendly greeting. There are no subtle messages encoded in a handshake's firmness or duration.

Business Card Etiquette In Singapore . Business cards are required for every business introduction in Singapore. They are considered a major introduction tool. The cards also make it possible for you to exchange contact information, maintain customer and network links. In Singapore, business cards are used to convey an individual’s status. Exchanging business cards is an essential formality.

Business card & travel etiquette guide for asia. Asian Business Card Translation Etiquette: * Asian business cards are exchanged upon meeting. * When in China, dual-sided Chinese business cards should be printed in English on one side and Chinese on the other. Make sure the Chinese side uses "Simplified" characters for mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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