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Business Card Etiquette Japan

Posted on 10 March, 2017
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limoreservationssoftware.com -Business Card Etiquette Japan ... I forgot one thing on my trip to Japan — and now I have to apologize to every person I meet. And although I apologize, I am undoubtedly committing a major Japanese faux-pas. Japan is, at its core, a country of rituals, respect, and etiquette. Whenever Japanese people meet for the first time, particularly in a business setting, they present business cards in a custom known as meishi koukan (名刺交換).

1. Business Card Etiquette In Japan

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Business Card Etiquette Japan t exchanging business cards in japan. One of the perennial topics in Japanese business etiquette is the exchange of business cards, or meishi koukan (名刺交換) in Japanese. It’s a subject that has been addressed many times in all sorts of media, and yet the fundamental rules and social etiquette surrounding the practice are still frequently mistaken.

Secrets of japanese business etiquette. Japanese business etiquette is another misunderstood aspect of doing business in Japan: as with the section on Japanese business culture, maybe it’s not surprising that hundreds of thousands of people have also browsed this Japanese business etiquette section since it first went online over a decade ago in 2004.

Japanese business etiquette. Japanese Etiquette for Receiving Business Cards. Put the highest ranking person's card on your case so that it is higher, with the subordinates' cards beside it on the table. The worst thing that you can possibly do in Japanese business etiquette is to cram someone's business card into a back pocket or wallet in front of them! Keep all cards out on the table, face up, until after the meeting.

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